Street Food Thursdays

One of my favourite things to do in Berlin is visit the street food market. I mean, food is probably my favourite thing in any city but this is extra good.
We visited last year as well, but this time we did it so much better! If I can give you one tip, it's get there early. It starts at 5, we got there around 4:45 and although none of the stalls were open we got ourselves a table and waited patiently while the scent of the different cuisines wafted around us.

Whether you're in a group or a pair, one of you should keep your place and take it in turns to wander round scoping out the different stalls, and when the bell rings at 5 you're good to go.

We had an idea of what we wanted so first stop was the bar for Kentucky Derby lemonades - bourbon with homemade lemonade, mint and angostura bitters. Equal parts warming and refreshing with a good bourbon kick.

Then to start soaking it up Bao Kitchen for homemade bao buns - masses of soft pork belly with a good amount of heat from the chilli, and crunchy peanut crumbs on top in the softest of cloud like buns. This didn't stick around long enough for a photo first time around but they were so good we got a second. The Mr liked these a lot, just full of depth and flavour and really well cooked. We shared everything we got - meaning we could try more than if we got one each!

Next up was Berlin Beef Balls, who had 4 different flavours - Bologna, Berlin, Bangkok and Bangalore - each echoing the flavours that each location is famous for. We tried Bangkok which were moist, full of Thai flavours, not too meaty and went a little too well with the buttery bread and pickles. We very nearly got more of these but we were out of drinks and decided to top up instead.
We followed this up with dumplings from Dr. To's - after a bit of trouble with their electricity we got 6 dumplings and they were good but it was the chilli sauce which really made them sing, but they were pretty un-photogenic.

If it's your sort of thing you can get all sorts of German delicacies, fresh oysters and glasses of cold bubbles, but we settled for yet more cocktails and to finish vegan donuts from Brammibals. So good that I never would have guessed that they were vegan. We had the Cinnabon version and chocolate peanut butter flavour - honestly better than any Krispy Kreme I've tried and the perfect end to a journey of texture and flavours. Just to make it better they're opening a shop in Berlin too so are well worth looking up if you're planning a visit.

After all those cocktails the walk home was rather fun, good job we had a beacon to head for - it makes it almost impossible to get lost.

The market isn't cheap but it is free to get in and you can have as much or as little as you want. The atmosphere is pretty cool. The stalls change regularly so don't count on your favourite being there every time, but that's part of the fun - trying something new!

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