Pre-Christmas 'Detoxing'

Have you been telling yourself for the last week/month/year that you are going to get yourself in shape before Christmas? Or do you want to kick start your New Year resolutions before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st?

I'm in exactly the same boat. Although I try to stay healthy most of the year Christmas is usually when I let myself go without feeling too guilty, and as everything is homemade and wholesome I still feel like I'm getting some goodness. BUT this year I'm going on holiday in January and I won't have time after Christmas to get myself back in to summer shape so I'm being stricter with myself in the run up to make it easier to feel confident in a bikini straight after the festivities.

I wanted to give myself a little bit of a boost and while I don't usually buy in to quick fixes I decided to try something based on a recommendation from a friend and gave a teatox a whirl. The one I used was called Bootea and consists of a morning tea which you have every day and a bedtime tea which you have every other night.

I researched the ingredients and comforted myself in the fact that they are all natural, and the reviews and information I read online was fairly positive. You can choose to do it for either 14 days or 28 days - I chose 14 days to see how I managed, and got it in their Black Friday offers so instead of £19.99 for 1, I got 2 14 day teatox kits for £30 - I think this offer is still on their website actually.

I drink a lot of green tea and herbal teas anyway so I wasn't sure it would make much of a difference, and I can't speak for everyone but I can honestly say it has made me feel better. Some of the reviews made claims of users losing actual pounds in weight but I can only imagine that this was combined with a change in eating habits. I haven't changed what I've eaten at all and if anything I've probably eaten more because of the time of year, but I can say that I feel a lot less bloated, my stomach feels flatter and it has encouraged me to make better choices where possible which is always good, right?

Honestly though, I've not lost actual weight as far as I can tell, but I don't make a habit of weighing myself anyway and try to focus on how I feel, and I do feel better AND have noticed my clothes fitting a bit better around my stomach.

The night time tea does have a slight 'laxative' effect which kicks in around 8 hours after drinking so make sure you time this out when using. I put this down to the senna and psyllium. That being said it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be, and certainly helped with staying *ahem* regular.

As always do your own research and if you're unsure whether you should be doing it check with a Doctor before starting it.

I'm saving my other box for after Christmas and New Year which will give me just enough time before I go away to de-bloat, and that time round I will be eating healthier and exercising more so I feel extra good by the time I hit that beach.

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