Work friendly lunches: Healthy noodle pots

It's always a struggle to find lunches that can be prepared and packed the night before with minimal effort, maximum flavour and be healthy and filling. This healthy noodle pot recipe is the trifecta of all work lunches and should be able to be prepared in almost any work place as all you need on the day is a kettle.

3 favourite things

Its been a lovely week this week spent catching up with friends, starting my Christmas shopping and beginning to make the house feel all cosy and Christmassy. This means that I have so many favourite things right now that its been difficult to narrow them all down.
I know some people think November is too early to get in to the Christmas spirit but these next 5 weeks will go so quickly and I like to make the most of it!

Quality time

I was in the process of writing about how suddenly it had started to feel like winter i.e. I’d had to put the heating on a handful of times and wear an extra layer etc. when I realised that actually it’s still not THAT cold out there.

Remember, remember the 5th November - Healthy Bonfire night tacos

This time of year is perfect for spending time outdoors wrapped up against the cold and the events of the next few months give us plenty of reasons to get together and enjoy quality time with our friends and family.
Tonight (the 5th November), is Bonfire night in the UK, an old tradition which celebrates the capture of Guy Fawkes preventing him from performing an act of treason on the King at the time – it’s actually quite an interesting story if you aren’t based in the UK where we tend to learn about it in school. 

I know what you did this weekend...

This weekend was a fabulous weekend of spooky celebrations with friends. We dug out our costumes, painted our faces and ate lots of Halloween themed goodies.