I know what you did this weekend...

This weekend was a fabulous weekend of spooky celebrations with friends. We dug out our costumes, painted our faces and ate lots of Halloween themed goodies.

I painted my face all leopardy using my normal make up - I didn't follow any tutorial so I can't demonstrate it for you but it was super easy.
I did my usual make up but added more contour and highlight than usual - if you're pale like me Benefit's Hoola bronzer works brilliantly as a contour as it's matte and doesn't look orange on the skin.
Then I used a few shades of brown eye shadow to create a smoky eye look and added flicks using black liquid liner. I drew this right to the inner corners of my eyes and then used a pencil to extend the line further , just down the sides of my nose. I finished my eyes with a bit of black shadow in the socket line and blended this all the way down the pencil line I had added.
I drew leopard print in liquid liner freehand, copying off the print on my cat suit and filled it in using brown eye shadow, and finally added a nose, whiskers and used a kohl liner to add little lines at the sides of my mouth to look more cat like. I'd had to run out and buy emergency cat ears because the ones I had, had gone missing - these are from M&S kids department but they worked fine.
I finished my whole look with some Halloween inspired bloody nails by painting my nails with a base coat, and 2 coats of my favourite Sally Hansen nude pink. I realised a couple of weeks ago that I have 5 different red shades in my Chanel nail polish collection, so I picked a pure red one, and then the one that started my collection, and a cult classic - Rouge Noir.
I wiped the brush off as much as possible and roughly painted to around half way down my nail - I didn't want it to look neat, it's scarier that way. I then finished up with the Rouge Noir - a super dark red - in the same way but to about a third to a quarter of the way down my nail on top of the lighter red. And it was finished.
For obvious reasons we had a night off our healthy eating on Saturday, but we did treat ourselves to homemade wholemeal pizzas with our favourite toppings.
I say 'homemade' but what we actually did was use some pre prepared wholemeal pizza dough like this one, added passata, seasoned with dried mixed herbs and topped with whatever we fancied. And somehow made ourselves feel better about eating pizza  because they were wholemeal and we'd put the 'hard' work in to decorating them.  
But, now that Halloween is over, it's time to get excited about Christmas! (Yes, I'm one of those people) Sorry, not sorry.

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