3 favourite things

So as October is drawing to a close and making way for the winter months and, more importantly, the build up to Christmas I thought I’d do a little round up of 3 of the things I am loving at the moment.

1. Autumn
If you don’t love autumn (or fall for American peeps) you’re doing it wrong - Autumn is the one! It’s not quite reached the freezing temperatures of the winter months and while the hot sticky months of the summer have gone, it’s still warm enough to spend plenty of time outdoors.
Don’t get me wrong I love summer while it lasts but there is nothing better than cuddling up in fluffy jumpers, comfy boots and snuggly hats and scarves, drinking hot chocolate and kicking through piles of fallen leaves (insert leaf emoji here). And while we’re on that subject – the colour of everything around you is so beautiful, perfect photo opportunities all round.
2. Halloween
Only a handful of friends of mine have children at the moment and we live in a street with literally about 2 kids so we don’t even get Trick or Treaters knocking on our door – not kidding, last year I stocked up on sweets and not one child knocked on our door. It was a long sugar filled week after that.
But, this year Halloween is on a Saturday, which makes it the perfect excuse to get dressed up and throw a party with all of our other child free friends.
Luckily we have been invited to a friend’s party so we don’t have to make any plans or decorate our house, or stock up on too much sugar. All we’ve had to do is plan costumes and that can be done so easily now with a bit of imagination.
I’m going as a leopard in a fantastic bargain of a leopard print catsuit from H&M for just £15 and doing my own make up. But there are so many brilliant make up tutorials online that I almost want Halloween to be 3 days long so I can wear multiple costumes. I’ve posted a couple of my favourite tutorials below.

In the absence of a party though you can’t beat buying Halloween themed goodies and watching a couple of scary (or not so scary) films with Halloween inspired drinks. In fact I may even do that tonight just to get in the mood. 

 3. Origins face mask
A slightly different one, but the change in temperatures coupled with an increase in central heating can play havoc with our skin at this time of year. Mine gets so dry at this time so a change in skin care routine is required. I love a good at home facial, finishing off with a lovely hydrating face mask. My all-time favourite is Origins Drink Up – a 10 minute, skin plumping hydrating mask, or Drink Up Intensive which you leave on overnight for baby soft skin the next morning.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, what ever you're doing, feel free to leave any comments or let me know what your favourite Halloween costume is.

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