Last year in a nutshell

So, a couple of years ago I started writing, and then it sort of just trailed off. The last year and a half have been busy, eventful and well, I just haven’t felt the need to put pen to paper, or hand to keyboard or whatever you want to say.
2014 was mostly eventful because, well, we got married!

And even though it was way back in May, we then had the honeymoon, then sorting Thank you cards, then putting together the album so it lasted a whole lot longer. But I’ll save the detail for another day.
After all this I started studying in September and so all my spare time was taken up with essays and academic reading and so my life was just so super exciting that I didn’t have an opportunity to start writing for fun again.
So now my course is finished (passed btw!) and wedding fever is over I decided it was high time I jumped back on the laptop and wrote something again.
This is short and sweet but there’ll be some fun stuff coming up – stick with me.

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