3 favourite things

Its been a lovely week this week spent catching up with friends, starting my Christmas shopping and beginning to make the house feel all cosy and Christmassy. This means that I have so many favourite things right now that its been difficult to narrow them all down.
I know some people think November is too early to get in to the Christmas spirit but these next 5 weeks will go so quickly and I like to make the most of it!

1. Cosy knitwear
I for one LOVE comfy cosy knitwear and I'm making the most of wearing it while the weather allows. This Christmas we'll be spending a few days away in a cottage so I'm stocking up on winter woollies, including this gorgeous jumper from H&M. I've put it away so I don't wear it in the meantime, but I'll be wearing this oversized with skinny jeans and boots, or with a cute tan leather skirt for a gorgeous contrast of textures. I love the cream cable knit style and the silver beads add a nice glitzy touch.
2. Comfort food
What else is this time of year for if not feeding our souls with warming comforting dishes of deliciousness. Usually I'd be polishing off as much of it as I could but as we are going on holiday in January I'm trying to be good and limiting myself so I can still fit in a bikini in January.
Not that this means comfort food has to be unhealthy, there are loads of options for healthy comforting dishes, and I'm a big fan of switching out some ingredients to make classic dishes more nourishing. For example, cottage pie made with all natural ingredients and switching regular mash for either sweet potatoes or cauliflower, or my healthy lettuce leaf tacos with Mexican mince. You could even make your own peri peri chicken - you can buy spice sachets from the supermarket (just watch out for added sugar) - sprinkle over your chicken, and bake in the oven or grill. I like to serve mine with sweet potato chips, a couple of slices of halloumi and maybe a mini wholemeal wrap - or half of a large one.
Tonight I'll be halving this Swedish meatball recipe from The Londoner but swapping the cream for Organic Crème Fraiche and serving with sweet potato chips for dipping.
3. Winter drinks
To go with our glorious comfort food I have to add wintery drinks to my list. I mean there's the obvious hot chocolates with marshmallows and cream, or the seasonal drinks at your local coffee shop, but for me, gorgeous mulled and spiced drinks are where its at.
This week I met up with friends for a 'coffee' and a catch up after work. We visited the gorgeous independent Leaf in Liverpool. They serve a HUGE range of loose leaf teas, homemade food and amazing cakes.
We had every intention of ordering a coffee, but when we saw they were serving a range of winter warmers we had to try one. We all opted for the 'Rum Punch' - a shot of spiced rum with an individual teapot of berry scented tea and a slice of orange. Sort of like a deconstructed warm punch. It was delicious, warming and oh so Christmassy - I'm already inspired to make them at home, and even more inspired to make another trip to try their mulled wine or mulled cider with a huge slab of chocolate brownie that I spied on the bar (and may have taken home). They certainly make stepping out in to the cold winter nights more bearable.
I know the weather has been awful in the UK this past week, so stay safe, warm and spend as much time indoors as possible this weekend, but whatever you do, have a good one.

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