Summer in the city

Finding something to wear for work can be hard enough - grabbing something random at 6am in the morning isn't always the best idea - but finding something to wear for work when the weather is in the high 20's can be even more difficult.

For some the thought of going in to work without the forgiving coverage of tights, or the comfort of boots can be daunting. And obviously different workplaces have different dress codes, but I'm lucky enough to work in an office with a 'smart casual' approach to office dressing. You have to look presentable (so shorts and strapless tops would be a no no) but you can also afford to dress more comfortably.

At the moment we're having some beautiful weather and it certainly makes getting up in the morning easier. My office wear of choice tends to be trousers because they're so easy to mix and match with so my summer uniform generally tends to be some cropped tailored but comfortable trousers, these ones are from Topshop, with my current favourite light weight H&M Tshirt. I just love the slouchy boyfriend fit and loose neckline with a little pocket detail too. It's such good value and tucked in gives a comfortable smart look.

On really warm days I like a gladiator sandal (because a train commute and a walk in to work is hard work for the trotters)  - make sure you're feet are in decent shape and you've had/given yourself a pedicure - but this outfit would equally work with some ballet flats or a black court if you're the heels type.

I've finished my look with this white H&M blazer - again excellent value tailoring and smartens up any look perfectly.

Smart, comfortable and still feels like me - then just make sure you take some time to get out and enjoy the sun while it lasts (make sure you've got an SPF handy!).

What a day for a lunchtime stroll around my home city, it sure looks good in this light.

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