Exploring our own city

We've had a busy old few weeks recently, and not much of an opportunity to just relax of a weekend, so last week we took some time to go in to the city and explore a bit.
Liverpool very rarely fails to bring a smile to my face, and round every corner and on every street you only need to look up to see some of it's historical landmarks and gorgeous architecture which has brought filmmakers and tourists alike to the city in recent years (parts of the new Harry Potter prequel were filmed here which I was very excited about).

I love the mixture of old and new buildings, the new Liverpool Museum and glass structures at Mann Island, meeting 30 James Street which was the old White Star building in red and white stripes.

And walking through Open Eye Gallery with its glass ceilinged vestibule to the old buildings of the docks.

Just look at those angles.

We visited on the weekend of the International Mersey River Festival - a celebration of the city's waterfront, which is more vibrant than ever. We were slightly too early in the day to experience any of the celebrations, but the area was already starting to team with people and luckily for all the visitors that day the weather was lovely and warm.

It was pretty cloudy while we were there but it only got sunnier as the day went on - by then we were at home and enjoying the sun in our own garden, but not before wandering back up towards the town hall, and grabbing something to eat at Moose Coffee on Dale Street - it gets super busy and there's usually around a 20-30 minute wait for a table but they do all day brunch and it is worth it!

The mixture of colours and styles  of buildings just makes for the prettiest of landscapes.

If you take time out to look around your own city sometimes you can find spaces and things that you may not have noticed before, and sometimes its just fun to be a tourist in your own city - we neglect our own home towns in favour of travelling away so we should make the effort to see more and learn more about where we spend the most time.

Does anyone else like to do this?

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