3 favourite things

It's been a while since I've posted one of these but being in the middle of preparing to go on holiday this week, I can honestly say I have some firm favourites that just need to be mentioned!

 We travel (very early) on Sunday morning so I've been planning all week to get everything ready and having recently travelled to Berlin these are the things I found invaluable when travelling and when we were there.

1. Tripp suitcase
This is my new hand luggage sized suitcase and I just love it! I was slightly concerned as it looks so small and neat but it fits more in than it seems and looks so sleek while being nice and bright. It has sections on either side and a mesh zip up covering so you don't lose everything out of one side when you open it, which is handy! The only downside is it's very difficult to fit bulkier shoes in - so you either have to wear them to fly in (or squeeze them in to somebody else's baggage!).
2. Coach handbag
I bought this just before Berlin as a good travelling option. It's small (almost tiny) but has 2 zip pockets, card holders, a wrist strap and a long adjustable strap so it can be worn in different ways too. It fits credit cards, money, passport, boarding passes and a few other essentials really easily, and looks sleek and classic enough to be used day or night so it's really versatile. My main objective was a bag to fit my travel stuff in so I could breeze through security, but small enough that I could squeeze it in to my hand luggage when I get to the gate, and this is just perfect. At £155 it's slightly pricy but it was an excellent quality replacement for an old high street classic I had and was rather worn.
3. Clinique Chubby Stick Foundation
I've already mentioned this but it's worth another mention. It's small, it gives good coverage, and can be used as a concealer at a pinch, as well as for touch ups throughout the day so is so good for travelling light when you don't have the room to pack loads! If you go to a Clinique counter they'll help you find your shade and give you a trial in store if you ask nicely.
Has anyone else got any travelling essentials?

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