Yoga to de-stress, unwind and workout

I've recently been feeling the need to make some changes, and with autumn and winter fast approaching I wanted to do something for me that would make me feel positive give me a renewed sense of purpose and some added motivation.

Many years ago I used to attend regular yoga classes, but when I gave up my gym membership and couldn't fine any decent classes nearby I pretty much gave up. Now I'm back to working in the city centre, have a new gym membership and a new love for fitness and wellbeing. But, my new gym doesn't really do any yoga classes (bar a late night session on a Wednesday), so I hadn't really considered starting again until I stumbled across the perfect little yoga studio.

White Wolf Yoga is a yoga studio and vegan restaurant based on Cook Street - in the business district of Liverpool - and is just everything goals! I spotted the sign walking past one day and looked them up online, and just loved the look and feel that I got! So after popping in to ask some questions and have a look around I signed up to my first class on a Saturday morning at 10am.

I don't live in the city centre so it was some effort to drag myself out of bed early and jump on the train, but once there all of that melted away.

Set in a gorgeous Victorian building the renovation and design has kept much of the character of the ballroom in which it is set, but has brought it bang up to date in minimalist white and grey creating a serene but welcoming feel with hints of grey fluffy throws and soft cushions. The room is already set out when you enter through the restaurant - with mats, blankets and bolsters provided (though you can bring your own to put on top) all in complimentary colours.

With the scent of incense in the air, and relaxing music in the background, I settled in to wait for the class to start.

I attended a level 1 and 2 hatha yoga class designed for both novices and slightly more experienced yogis and said to improve flexibility, correct posture, improve spinal strength and detoxify the body while boosting immunity. The instructor gave clear instructions and options for different levels of skill and the flow was a good mix of movement, to get the heart rate up, as well as postures to test your balance and concentration. I felt challenged but not so much that I was uncomfortable - just how yoga should be!

The next day I could tell I had been worked but the whole experience had left me feeling better, more positive, happier and like I wanted to go back for more. I've been back again since and the sequence was different to the week before which is perfect for me as it keeps me interested. I can also say that the music is some of the best I have heard at any yoga class!

I won't be able to make it every week but I've committed now to attending when I can because I can't believe what a positive impact it had on me, and I can't recommend White Wolf enough! If you're in Liverpool or the surrounding areas check it out - there are quite a few classes a week, at really good times - and if you don't fancy the yoga you could just pop in for a cup of hot cacao, a yogi tea or one of their vegan cakes - I guarantee you'll still leave with a smile on your face.

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